Sunday Snapshot {April 27, 2014}

Sundae Funday!

Sundae Funday!

“Begin Anywhere” ~ John Cage

The Sunday Snapshot is a weekly round-up of articles that caught my eye this week and have me laughing and thinking.    

1. I have a real love/hate relationship with sugar right now.  I love to eat it but hate myself when I do.  If you have ever wondered what sugar is doing to your body, this is a must read article. {from Rodale News}

2. Walmart is throwing it’s hat into the organic arena.  I hope this is a good thing, but I guess only time will tell. {from NPR’s The Salt}

3. What’s the #1 fear that is standing in your way?  It’s probably in your mind.  {from Mind Body Green}

4.  Do you ever feel like your phone is just an extension of your hand? Click here for 10 great tips to help you “unplug” and get back into the present moment.  {from Dot Complicated}

5. Epic texting fails…I’m still laughing at these.  {from the Daily Mail}

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