In today’s episode we are excited to introduce you to Bryce Weeks, founder of Clear Float Spa in Calgary, Alberta, to talk about the benefits of Float Therapy. As the name suggests, float therapy takes place in a specially-designed pod that is filled with high-density salt water, where the sights and sounds outside world are cut off.  The benefits can be extremely powerful, not just for your mind but also your body.  Today, Bryce walks us through the benefits and science behind Float Therapy, while also sharing some powerful stories about the transformative effects floating can have. If you have never tried floating before, this episode is guaranteed to get you interested!



* At the age of 23, Bryce discovered meditation and found that daily meditation helped him focus on his goals, release negative energy, stress and re-energize.  As his practice grew, he noticed a spillover effect in both his personal and professional life. After achieving an enlightened state through meditation, however, Bryce struggled with the demands of everyday life and found it challenging to return to the deep meditative state that brought his earlier transformative benefits. After discovering Float Therapy, he found that it helped him return to his earlier meditative state, easily and with even greater transformative benefits. Having found a tool to help facilitate his own meditation, his passion grew to help others who were struggling with stress, energy and life goals. Float Therapy helped Bryce return to his meditative roots and is now seeking to share his experience with others.

You can find The Clear Float Spa online at or on Instagram and Twitter @clearfloatspa

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