In today’s episode we are diving deep into a subject that we hear a lot about: Engagement.  There are many definitions of engagement and depending on how it’s measured it can represent job satisfaction, an emotional investment in something or someone, or even how many likes and comments you are getting on a social media post.

To help us navigate this complex subject, we are thrilled to be joined by Roxanna Pullan, a Certified Executive Coach and owner of Stand Tall Coaching.  In her own practice, Roxanna focuses on goals and productivity with everyone from sole proprietors to large corporations with dysfunctional teams. Roxanna loves to see people living fulfilled lives with purpose and passion.  Today, she will be sharing her own experiences and insights to help you identify areas that may need more a little more attention and how you too can get more engaged in your own daily life.


*Roxanna Pullan is a Certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University and owns Stand Tall Coaching.  You can connect with her online at or find her on Twitter @standtallcoach and Facebook at Stand Tall Coaching.

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