In today’s episode, we are excited to be joined by Peggy Milne, to talk about the importance of self-care when you are taking care of someone else. Peggy is CEO of Home Helpers San Mateo, a company that works with families and community caregivers to provide in-home care that allows families to find a balance between caring for their loved one, and caring for themselves.

Caring for a loved one can be extremely rewarding but also comes with a unique set of challenges.  Whether you are watching over a sick child or helping an ailing parent, grandparent or friend, it is easy to lose sight of your own health needs when tending to someone else.  Today, Peg is going to help us navigate this complex subject while offering up some practical tips and tools necessary to keep yourself in top form while helping your loved ones.


  • The biggest challenges facing a caregiver.
  • The telltale signs that it is time to seek outside help.
  • The benefits to having someone come in to care for a loved one.
  • Why self-care is essential when caring for someone else.
  • What to look for and the questions to ask when hiring a caregiver.



* Peggy and her husband Mitch own a home care agency called Home Helpers. They provide in home care to seniors, and people of all ages who are dealing with long-term illness or disease, and who want to remain safely cared for in their homes. They work with families and community caregivers to help them find balance between caring for their loved one, and caring for themselves. Prior to Home Helpers, Peggy raised her two children who are now young adults living out of the home. Her “empty nest” turned into a thriving business.  You can connect with Peggy through their website or on Facebook @HomeHelpersSanMateo


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