Oh the dreaded “double dip”!  We have all seen it happen. You are at a party and someone takes a half-eaten chip or vegetable and dunks it back into a bowl of dip that is being shared with a group.  Some people are oblivious to the fact that they are doing it while others are aware but try to covertly cover up their actions. No body wants to be “that guy” but sometimes you can’t just resist- especially when the dip is good!

So how do you eliminate this social faux pas at your next get-together?  Create individual serving cups that allow your guests to grab as they please without the fear of a party foul! Not only are they fun and easy to handle but they make a great conversation starter as well.


Preparing:  Pick up some 1-ounce plastic shot glasses (available in packages of 50 and 100pcs) from your local party supply or dollar store.  Make your dip as per the directions and then scoop into the individual serving cups.  Don’t let their small size fool you!  Each serving will have more than enough dip for 8-10 pieces of sliced vegetables.  They are wide enough to accommodate cherry tomatoes and baby carrots, but I suggest cutting your vegetables into stalks whenever possible.


Serving: Arrange the small cups on a interesting cutting board, tray or large platter.  The beauty of the cups is that they are portable, disposable, and also allow you to put out more than one dip if you please.  A great way to differentiate between dip flavors is by adding a small garnish to the top of each serving.  They can also be prepared ahead of time.  Make 2-3 cups per guest to start and wrap any extra servings in the refrigerator until needed.

DSC_0245If you have any leftovers, or are looking for an healthy snack on the go: Grab a pint sized wide-mouth mason jar with a lid.  Fill with sliced veggies and drop a single serving of dip into the jar.  The lid keeps everything in place and you can throw into your bag for a perfect snack at the park or pick-me-up at the office.


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