Fresh Start: Blueberry Surprise Smoothie

 Are you looking for a quick, easy and nutritious way to start your day? Try our creamy Blueberry Surprise Smoothie to get you out the door in a flash. Pretty, petite, and plump with juice, blueberries are a powerhouse fruit.  Packed with antioxidants, they help to regulate blood sugar levels, improve vision […]

Fresh Start: Broiled Grapefruit

  This sweet and tangy Broiled Grapefruit recipe is a decadent treat to start your day. It will have you rethinking how you feel about eating grapefruit for breakfast.  Ah, grapefruits! They’re a fruit that you either love or love to hate. I happen to fall into the first category- […]

Fresh Start: Perfect Lazy Eggs

Looking for a quick and easy egg recipe to start your day off right? No need to scramble, flip, or fry. As long as you can turn on an oven, you are one step closer to being an instant Master Chef. I call these Perfect Lazy Eggs because outside of cracking […]