Yesterday I had a wonderful Angel Card reading with my friend and mentor, Stephanie Packer. Now, you’re probably like, “Angel cards? Whaaaattt???” But for me, the readings are a perfect mix of personal development, self-care and business guidance. 

Typically, our readings go like this: Steph asks if I have a specific question. She then pulls three cards (representing past, present and future) and one extra card for good measure. I know that the Universe is going to give me the message that I need to hear in that moment. Once the cards are pulled, Steph navigates me through the cards and helps me pull out the messages I need to hear. 
Most of the time, the cards have me looking inward. But this reading was different.  All the cards she pulled were shining a light on my career and had me looking outward.  Stephanie mentioned the ACCEPTANCE card and I got chills.   

As she spoke I wrote down 2 things:

  1. I accept what comes to me.
  2. Don’t question what is right in front of you.
And it got me thinking…
The thing with acceptance is that we are taught from a young age to “accept” things that are not necessarily our own truths.
We are taught that when a compliment is given we are to smile and say thank you.
We are told that hard work pays off in the long run, so if you get good grades in school you will have a great job when you grow up.
We are trained to believe that “someday” will come if we just believe and keep going. 
We accept these things as truth.
But in reality, what separates our reaction to a compliment from an insult?  In many cases, we accept the insult as fact and twist a compliment into some sort of half-truth. That amazing job you thought you would have after years of paying your dues? Turns out a fancy title does not guarantee a paycheck to match.  Eventually, long hours of hard work turn into burnout and stress.
In the darker moments, you might find yourself thinking that reality has come up short. You have yet to find your soul mate or travel around the world, but deep down you still accept that that “someday” is just around the corner.
The truth is, there are no guarantees. 
There is no one-size-fits-all, magic formula that is going to work for everyone.  Why? Because we each have our own lessons to learn.  We may share the same path in this exact moment, but it does not mean we are meant to walk together forever. 
Life gets messy and when things get messy, you have a choice. 
There is a tendency to get jaded. 
To check out. 
To hide from those who know you best. 
To shy away from the challenges and accept that moment as fate.
Or you can choose to lean in. Lean in to the challenges and ride the waves of uncertainty.  Yes, it can be scary. But by letting go of all your presumptions, you will find your truth. 
For a long time, I accepted the story I had created in for myself.
When my job stopped lighting me up, I looked to others to tell me what to do.  When a recruiter said I didn’t have the skills for a job I so desperately wanted, I believed them.  I accepted that as fact. When my family suggested that I start my own business, I laughed.  Hadn’t they listened to me when I told them what the recruiter said? 
Yet as I started to look deep inside me I saw that there was something there that needed to be explored. I was ready for big change but ironically, as I started my business, I defaulted back to old habits. The more challenges I faced, the harder I worked.  I put in insanely long hours. I burned myself out (twice) in the first year and began to get discouraged.
Instead of accepting help, I questioned it. 
Over and over and over. I began to question every little step I took.  I was strong and smart so of course I could figure it all out on my own! And somewhere, in the middle of all the noise I had created for myself, I lost my confidence. 
I questioned every compliment and lost sight of the value I was sharing with the world.  I was in battle mode to survive, but missed the fact that I was just fighting with myself.  There was only one thing left for me to do….
Let it all go!
I had to stop with the questions and the stories.  I had to tap back into my intuition and why I got started in the first place.  I had to accept that I was the one writing the “rules” that were holding me back.  Each step forward was one less question asked because I was taking action and letting go. 
Over time, magic started to happen!

Now it’s your turn.

What is one area where you are feeling stuck?  Really stuck.  Knee-deep-in-mud-so-thick-that-you-cannot-even-shuffle kind of stuck.  

Grab a piece of paper and write down ONE THING has been holding you back.  Not just one sentence.  Really explore what is going on.  Let is all hang out.  Laugh, cry, WRITE.
  • What emotions are you feeling?
  • How does your body feel when you are in the throes of doubt?
  • What obstacles are standing in your way?
  • Do the feelings come and go or do they feel like constant pressure?
  • How much pressure?
  • Are you doing something over and over again and not seeing results that you expect?
Give your obstacle a shape and feeling so that you can truly see what is holding you back.
Then I want to you to take a deep breath.  Accept that THIS moment is a gift.  It is your fresh start.  The jumping off point for a new adventure.
Release what hasn’t worked and give yourself permission to start moving forward with a clean slate.
Then let me know in the comments below: How Does That Release Feel?


To learn more about Angel Card Readings, be sure to check out Episode #4 of The Luscious Living Podcast featuring Stephanie Packer.
Then connect with Stephanie over on Instagram @stephanie.packer

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