IN THIS EPISODE: Marlie Cohen (Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and creator of the blog Kale and Krunches) shares insights into following her passion and embracing her own entrepreneurial journey.


– The steps Marlie took when she realized that she was not living her true, authentic self at work.

– How her blog, Kale and Krunches, came to be.

– The impact Instagram has had on her brand and business.

– What a typical day looks like as a fitness professional and how she balances the demands of her career with her own health goals.

– How embracing the entrepreneurial journey has allowed Marlie turn her passion into a full-time career.


Toronto native Marlie Cohen is dedicated to helping her clients and readers become their healthiest selves.

After struggling to stay active and eat well while working her corporate job, Marlie began finding creative ways to keep healthy in the workplace. As her passion for healthy living grew, she began sharing these tips on her social media under the alias, Kale & Krunches. From clean recipes and healthy food hot spots, to new workouts and the latest active wear, Marlie loves sharing her favorite products and routines with her audience.

Now a full-time fitness instructor and personal trainer, Marlie continues to offer her tips to achieving balance and wellness with all of her readers and followers.  Today she is here to share how following her passion has lead to embracing entrepreneurship.




On Instagram: @kale_and_krunches

On Facebook: @kaleandkrunches

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