IN THIS EPISODE: Career Astrologist Natalie Walstein, of Soulshine Astrology, is here to talk about how to use the stars as a guide in both life and your career.


  •  How to use your star chart as a guide to gain powerful insights into your life and career.
  • The difference between your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign (plus, how they affect you and the horoscope you read each week).
  • What to expect when working with a Career Astrologist.
  •  How being in alignment with your innate personality and skillset (which you can learn by studying your chart) will help you fine-tune your career choices and set you up for greater success.
  • What exactly is “Mercury in Retrograde” and what does it mean for you?

Natalie Walstein is a Career Astrologer at Soulshine Astrology. She uses the ancient wisdom of astrology with a modern twist to help both established entrepreneurs and creative souls in need of direction courageously align their life + career with the cosmos and provides 1-on-1 readings, reports, horoscopes.



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